Worshiping Sundays at 10am

In worship, we gather weekly to hear God's word, pray for others both locally and globally, celebrate a meal at which all are welcome, and be sent as God's beloved servants into the world. In worship, we practice a way of life we are meant to live every day: a way of life which welcomes and loves all; which feeds the hungry; cares for others; lifts up the world in prayer; and sees God’s image in everyone.

Group Meeting

At Northlake Lutheran Church, we worship with elements of ancient tradition and modern interpretation. We follow a liturgy used for hundreds of years, often with new words and music. We listen carefully to scripture and ask hard questions. We wait in moments of silence and rejoice at the voices of children. You are welcome to worship in this place, exactly as you are.

Sermon Exploration at 2pm Tuesdays

Bible Study

Tuesdays at 2 PM via Zoom.

Join us to talk about thoughts from Sunday's sermon or next week's Scripture reading.

SEED (Seek. Explore. Experiment. Discipleship)

Catechumenate Last Day

Three times a year, we hold an eight week long session of SEED on Sunday evenings at 5pm. SEED is an emotionally and spiritually safe space for all of us to explore our own faith, wherever we may be on our journeys. This includes expressing our own doubts, challenging things we have previously been taught, and asking tough questions – all in a place where doubts and struggles are welcome.

SEED begins with a meal, and is then followed by splitting into small groups where we get to know one another through vulnerable conversations where all are given an opportunity to share and explore where they are on their own walk.

SEED is a powerful experience. If you have questions or would like to know when the next session begins, please email Pastor Anja directly at