Tom Frodsham

Youth & Worship Coordinator

Tom was born in Seattle and baptized as a Catholic. His family joined a Lutheran church in Renton when he was 5 years old. The second youngest of five kids (being 9 minutes older than his twin brother), his family was very involved in the church. Eventually he began to help lead worship, both traditional and contemporary.

As a college student majoring in Music and Theater, Tom helped with worship as time allowed. After college he worked as a professional musician, still staying connected to the church. In the 1990’s Tom went to work for the Boeing Company in the Theater Services organization, providing audio visual support. It was during that time that Tom opened a small recording studio, producing a variety of talent on a limited budget and also began working with the “new” pastor finding ways to revitalize the church. After serving as a volunteer for about 10 years, the pastor asked him to consider coming on staff. Tom resisted the call for some time but eventually had a moment of clarity, hearing the call and committing himself to serving Christ through the church.

Tom served that church in Renton for another 6 years, then was led to serve a variety of churches from San Antonio, TX, to Fargo, ND. Churches ranging in size from 30 people in worship to over 10,000 members. About 6 years ago, back in the Northwest he was asked to take on the role of Executive Director at Luther’s Table, a Coffee House and Arts Venue in downtown Renton. It was there that he really got an education in diversity and helped build a beautiful community with folks from all walks of life. Luther’s Table was a place for adults and kids, eventually becoming an after school hang out for students from the local high school, especially kids on the fringes. They discovered at Luther’s Table they were welcome and celebrated for who they were. The six years Tom spent at Luther’s Table ignited a passion for pursuing what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called “Beloved Community” -- people of all different backgrounds, engaging in life together, hearing each other’s stories, discovering those different from us, aren’t so different after all.

It is Tom’s hope that Northlake Lutheran, in working with other people and organizations in the Kenmore/Bothell area, can build a “Beloved Community” where all are embraced and loved for who they are.

Jen Pic

Jen Cumbo

Office Manager

As a former Middle School English teacher I have a soft spot for a good book and strong cup of coffee. When I'm not picking up after my two kiddos and two dogs, you can find me remodeling my home (again).

Wendy DeLong

Organist & Pianist

Wendy helps selects music and beautifully plays the organ or piano during our worship services.

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