We are created, called, and challenged to be in relationship with...


Peace to you, and welcome, in Jesus’ name.  

      God calls us to welcome one another and to learn from God, through one another, every day of our lives.  The story of God’s work in your life is a priceless gift to share with the world and we cannot wait to meet you, to hear from you and to learn from you. 

      God calls us to live and serve and worship among God’s people-our neighbors, our brothers and sisters-in this area, and we are also connected to fellow children of God throughout the world.  We follow where Jesus, who continually tells us: “look, I am making all things new!” leads.  Becoming and doing what God calls us to be and do means surprises and challenges, laughing and crying together, walking alongside one another one day at a time.  

      There is welcome and a place for you among God’s people of Northlake Lutheran Church.  God bless you, protect you, and give you peace and joy! 

              ---Pastor Glen Aaberg  

What to expect

When you visit Northlake, you will first find a warm, small community with a beautiful mix of diverse personalities. As you get to know us, and as you allow us to get to know you, you will find strong faith and deep desire to be present. Present with each other, present with our neighbors, and present to where the Holy Spirit is leading us.

Keeping Christ at our center, we strive to fulfill the Greatest Commandment of all, by serving and loving all.

A child is baptized at Northlake Lutheran

Worshiping Sundays at 10am

In worship, we gather weekly to hear God's word, pray for others both locally and globally, celebrate a meal at which all are welcome, and be sent as God's beloved servants into the world. In worship, we practice a way of life we are meant to live every day: a way of life which welcomes and loves all; which feeds the hungry; cares for others; lifts up the world in prayer; and sees God’s image in everyone.

At Northlake Lutheran Church, we worship with elements of ancient tradition and modern interpretation. We follow a liturgy used for hundreds of years, often with new words and music. We listen carefully to scripture and ask hard questions. We wait in moments of silence and rejoice at the voices of children. You are welcome to worship in this place, exactly as you are.